Dolar: 5.546 TL | Euro: 6.284 TL


With its weave belt manufacturing experience of 20 years, T-Bant Sanayi is working to manufacture quality weave conveyor belts that you need. T-Bant Sanayi is always developing and has the necessary knowledge and experience for providing the right belt solution for your machinery. It is important for T-Bant to offer full-capacity production and suitable prices to our customers as soon as possible. In addition to standard productions, you can rely on us for planning, design and manufacturing of exclusive belts that my be needed for special occasions.

* T-Bant weave belts manufactured with suitable material selection; its reliability has been proven in industrial ovens with a temperature of 1150 degrees, and even more aggressive environments where normal steel would deform in a short time.
* For weave belts, which allow transportation of both small and large parts with their dense surface area formed thanks to their weaving method, T-Bant’s quality workmanship makes a difference and prolongs lifetime.
* Weave belts are effective for transportation of heavy loads (60 kg / m2), reliable and durable for their fast handling. You can use our spiral or chain weave belts for transporting loads with large surfaces, and make belts even more durable. To obtain more detailed information about weave belts, please click here.