Dolar: 5.546 TL | Euro: 6.284 TL

Industries Using Conveyors

Wire mesh belts used in any sector having conveyor belts and production lines. The primary sectors T-Bant operates in are as follows:

  • Food Industry Multi-purpose belt, Spiral wirelink belt )
    • Bread, cake, biscuit production
    • Nuts, chips production
    • Ice cream, sugar cube production
  • Fiber and Textile industry
  • Industrial lines involved in heat treatment
  • Packaging and shrinking sector
  • Leather industry
  • Aluminum plate, sheet metal, bolt sectors
  • Wood, wooden, plywood, carton and cardboard sectors
  • Jewelry sector
  • Mines and stone quarries
  • Automotive & spare parts and battery industry
  • Ceramic Industry
  • Construction Sector and Architectural Purposes