Chain Driven Mesh Conveyor Belt

TBZ Series, TBBZ, TZ

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Chain driven mesh conveyor belts show a wide variety of sizes, models and materials according to the size, variety and working environment of the product it carries. Chain driven conveyor belts provide more smooth flow than regular woven conveyor belts driven by tumblers. With proper gear & chain fit, the conveyor belt is both long-lasting and its high weight capacity allows easy drive in desired lines. T-Bant helps the customers choose the right type of conveyor belt, chain and suitable gear with the right material according to working conditions, shape, size and weight of the products to be transported.

Types: Chain Driven Mesh Conveyor Belt



TBZ-1 belt has right and left-hand spirals connected by bended (crimped) cross rods. These right and left-hand wire spirals allow the belt to be well-balanced and to maintain its straightness and have perfect strenght-weight ratio.



TBZ-2 belt has right-and left-hand spirals ( 2 rods in 1 spiral ) fitted closely for a smooth, dense weave. It is excellent for conveying small products while allowing air flow for baking, drying&cooling or roasting purposes.



TBZ-3 belt has right-and left-hand spirals ( 3 rods in 1 spiral ) fitted closely for a smooth, dense weave. It is excellent for conveying very fine or small products. This belt type model provides a closed mesh surface that is extremely strong, flat and supportive.



TBBZ belts consists of only left and right spirals twisted into one another. The ends of the spirals are either welded or bended.



Tz belt is simply chains connected by thick connecting rods on either side. This belt is oftenly used where no wire mesh is required. It is also possible to give a radius to this belt by connecting rods to chain with different pitch ( step ) dimensions.



Maximum size restriction : Up to 6000mm wide. Get in touch for wider requests.


Galvanized wire: Preferred on all kinds of belt and conveyor lines where corrosion resistance is not required. 

20MnB4:Special alloy material containing manganese. High Flow & tensile strength and elasticity can be used in any desired belt and conveyor line. 

AISI 304 stainless steel wire:Can be used in high corrosion and mechanical resistance is required, in heat resistant (max. 450°C) 

AISI 316 stainless steel wire:It is used in processes that require high corrosion resistance due to salty or acidic environment. Salt coating lines, fruit processing lines, fertilizer processing lines are preferred in such areas. Since all materials are of a bright structure and have a smooth surface, they do not stick to the carried product.


  • All kinds of product transfer and automation lineƒ  
  • Meat-chicken-fish cooking, vegetable roasting, frying, paneling and cooling machineƒ  
  • Nuts roasting, coating machineƒ  
  • Shrink (packaging) machineƒ  
  • Dusting, painting and blasting lineƒ  Woodworking lines.


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