Flat Wire Conveyor Belt


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The flat wire model provides a flat carrying surface, making it an ideal choice for any application that requires both durability and long lifespan. These bands provide easy air and fluid passage and maximize energy efficiency thanks to their excellent weight, power and balance. AISI 304, 316 and galvanized carbon steel (DKP) are preferred in their production. Fiber (textile), transport (pot & pan), baking, packaging (canned & shrink), washing, freezing, cooking, painting and drying are among the main uses. There are 2 types of edge models; bended and welded.



Maximum size restriction : Up to 6000mm wide. Get in touch for wider requests.


Galvaniz kaplı karbon çeliği (DKP): Heat resistance up to 250°C -300°C, This material is used when no corrosion resistance is required. 

AISI 304 paslanmaz çelik tel: This material is used when high corrosion resistance is required. Heat resistant (max. 450°C) can be used on any food processing lines. 

AISI 316 paslanmaz çelik tel:Very high corrosion resistance. Can be used in any line and conveyor line with acidic or salty environment. Excellent food compliance. 


  • • Product transfer & transpor • 
  • Textile (fiber, glass wool, etc.ˆ • 
  • Cooking‚ • 
  • Heating, drying, cooling and freezing‚ 
  • Filterin‚ • Agricultural Appliances (weed sortingˆ)
  • Marine Appliances (garbage sorting, recyclingˆ)
  • Packaging (canned, shrink, etc.)


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