Conveyor belts can be used in any kind of production line for transporting products from one place to another in production lines, transportation lines, oven lines, cooling and freezing lines, and is formed by weaving metal wires in various shapes. The conveyor weave belt is preferred in many different sectors, in accordance with the specifications of machinery used. The advantage of the weave belt is the ability to manufacture conveyor belts in desired measurements, with desired materials and required specifications. While a separate material and weave type is used for weave belt production that would come to contact with high-temperature food, a weave belt to be used for chemical washing process can be manufactured with an entirely different technique.

We can provide specially designed belts and offer help for choosing the right solutions for your specific needs.

Before we can give a accurate quotation, exact belt details are required. Either precise measurements or samples of your belts can be shared. We can give advice and manage whole design process if you need it. After purchase order, we start producing your belt. We can send belt samples if needed. After the production is completed, your belt will be ready to transport according to your packaging priorities. Depending on the agreement, payment and transportation are made and the project is completed. Assembly service can be provided if needed.

T-Bant helps the customers choose the right type of conveyor belt and accessories according to the use cases of the belts.

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Wire mesh belts used in any sector having conveyor belts and production lines. The primary sectors T-Bant operates in are as follows: Food Industry Multi-purpose belt, Spiral wirelink belt ) Bread, cake, biscuit production Nuts, chips production Ice cream, sugar cube production Fiber and Textile industry Industrial lines involved in heat treatment Packaging and shrinking sector Leather industry Aluminum plate, sheet metal, bolt sectors Wood, wooden, plywood, carton and cardboard sectors Jewelry sector Mines and stone quarries Automotive & spare parts and battery industry Ceramic Industry Construction Sector and Architectural Purposes